Showers are such an intimate part of the home. It is not just a place to get clean. Its a place to become renewed, revived and refreshed.

A shower can be used for just 1 or it can be large enough for two. You can also create this enviroment for someone who is elderly or disabled, because they too can and need to enjoy this experience at home.

So how do you create this enviroment is completely dependent on your needs and the space you have in which to create this room?

First: How large is the space you have? Can you change the layout of the area to create a bigger or different enviroment?

Second: What are the needs of the homeowner? Do you suffer with body aches and pains? Do you need to sit because its hard to stand for long periods of time? Do you like to feel like your in a spa or do you want the feeling of being in the rain forest under a waterfall?

Third: Is budget. Money is always a dictator. But it does not limit all the options of making what you have into more of what you need and desire.

Fourth: Is the design. Creating knooks and/or shelves, lighting, benches, jets, shower heads, type of flooring, windows, incorporating the tub into the shower or a sauna for extra ways of rejuvenation.

Let the design team of HG Luxury Homes create the enviroment that fits your needs today.

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