Paint Colors

When painting a room there are many factors to consider:

Room size, ceiling height, lighting by luminess and/ or natural, then desired overall look.

In the desired overall look, are you going for the dramatic? Are you wanting to acheive a calm peaceful enviroment? Do you want what is trendy and in fashion right now? Are you wanting to make your room look bigger? Or do you want a warm and cozy room.

Once you have decided this, are there any accents you want to play on when designing? Are there knooks or walls you want to pop, or do you want everything in the same color?

Now here is where the fun begins. DECIDING THE COLOR/S!

We recommend Sherwin Williams paint. They have a variety of types of paint and thicknesses. Some are great for scuff marks, etc. from kids. While others have a primer inside to make painting 1 to 2 coats, even over red paint! Also they are very good a color matching most any color you desire.

Once you have chosen a paint you want to try, buy a sample can and put a lot on one of the walls you are going to paint. A little is not going to give you the effect you are looking for. Remember the colors from the floor, furniture and drapes can change the way the color looks on the wall. So leave it there for a few days and look at it in the daytime and at night. Now you can see if this color is going to be pleasing to your eyes.

Think you got it down? Well think some more. There are colors that cause extra stimuli on the brain. While others are a color that can cause depression. So let the experts with HG Luxury Homes design team help you find the color that will best suit your needs and gives you that awe feeling when you arrive home!

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