The world of tubs

When you start to try to install a new tub, you find that there is a whole world of tubs out there.

So how do you possibly find the right one that is the right size?

First you need to know what kind you are looking for; a free standing, an alcove, a drop in, undermount or walk-in? Second, you must know the size area in which you are working in. (How long and how deep.) Third, do you want to add a jacuzzi? If so, you will need electricy run.

Fourth what kind of material do you want your tub:

Acrylic: Lightweight, easy to repair, and available in many colors and shapes, acrylic tubs can be more moderately priced.

Fiberglass: These tubs are lightweight, reparable, and often more affordable than acrylic options.

Cast Iron: Enameled cast iron is durable, solid, excellent at retaining heat, and available in many colors.

Porcelain: Usually made with a cast iron or steel base, porcelain-enameled tubs have an affordable, luxurious look that’s resistant to scratching and will retain its glossy finish for years.

Copper: This artisan option, often constructed with hammered recycled copper, is a costlier but one-of-a-kind finish that grows richer with time.

Granite/Marble: With a one-of-a-kind natural look, stone tubs are often hand-carved and excellent at retaining heat.

With so many options, let our design team assist you in re-designing your bathroom with a tub that just right for you.

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