6 Reasons Islands Need to Be Part of Your Kitchen Remodeling

Over the last few years, updating kitchens has been a very hot topic. One of the most commonly renovated rooms is the kitchen, which is likely due to how many families gather there. If you are looking to upgrade your kitchen, one area to focus on is the island. It has turned into one of the most sought-after kitchen remodeling design requests we have. Here are some of the many valid reasons people want an island to anchor their kitchen.

Making an Island Part of Your Kitchen Remodeling Means VersatilityKitchen Remodelers in Conroe Texas

The simple addition of a kitchen island into your kitchen remodeling means your kitchen instantly has more versatility. You can use the extra counter space for more cooking, more meal preparation, kids can do homework, and so much more. This addition may seem like a big design element without much in return, but it will make your kitchen easier to use and entertain.

Storage is Easier with a Big Kitchen Island

Kitchens often have too little storage in them. Even large kitchens often have appliances and other small items in many of the corners of the counters for things like utensils, coffee, and staples. However, by adding in a kitchen island, many of those items will have a home. Instead of having items on countertops for little fingers to touch or take, you can put them away and know that your kitchen is safer, plus everything will be easier to find when you need it.

An Island Means Added Seating

One of the biggest benefits of adding a new kitchen island into your kitchen remodel is the seating. Want a place for the kids to eat breakfast hot off the griddle? The ideal location is the island. Do they need help with their homework while you make dinner? Then the island is a perfect solution. Want to talk to your friends or spouse and drink some coffee? Again, the island is a versatile seating option that keeps you in a room you love.

You Get More Prep Space with an Island

A common complaint that we hear is that there are just not enough counters in most kitchens. If your kitchen is the same, then adding in an island fixes that issue as well. You get more counter space where you can prepare meals and easily clean up when you are done. If you go with something a bit more practical with your island design, you can have a built-in area for debris when preparing food, which allows the waste to fall right into your trash. You can even pick a material that is easier to prepare food on, such as butcher block, for your island top.

An Island Provides Organization Options

Finding a way to keep a busy kitchen organized is important. When you need to prepare a meal quickly, knowing where everything is essential. Adding a kitchen island into your design allows you to plan for what will go there before the remodel begins. Then, you can be sure that the island you pick out is large enough to accommodate your items without having to stuff anything into a cabinet or drawer to save space.

Couple looking over finances.A Powered Kitchen Island Adds Even Bigger Bonuses

If you want a kitchen island that you can use for nearly any task you have in the kitchen, you want to add power to the island. Having an extra workspace is nice, as is the additional seating. However, if you have to keep tripping over extension cords or going back to your counters for an outlet, you will not get as much use out of it. Adding in something as simple as an outlet can greatly affect how much use and enjoyment you get from your new kitchen island. If you want to avoid power, you could also put your sink on the island and keep the power on your countertops away from the water.

For Kitchen Remodeling Ideas, Talk with HG Luxury Homes Today!

Bring your kitchen remodeling ideas to life by seeking out the expertise of HG Luxury Homes. We know how to make your kitchen remodel look amazing, keep it trendy, and make sure it matches your style. The kitchen is an incredibly important anchor to your home. Make sure you have an island to add these important benefits to your new kitchen. You will be glad you did.

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