5 Basics Before Hiring a Contractor for a Whole Home Remodel

What Should You Do Before Hiring a Contractor for a Whole Home Remodel?

Most people remodel a specific room or area of their homes rather than renovate the whole thing simultaneously. A whole-home remodeling job is more drastic, but there are many very good reasons why you might want to undertake it. For example, you may want to improve your home’s value so you can sell it, or your family may be growing, and the space you have is no longer sufficient. Another reason to contact a whole home remodeling contractor to start planning renovations is that you do not want to move away from your current neighborhood, yet your existing home does not meet your needs.

With careful planning, a whole home remodel can be more cost-efficient than buying a whole new house. A project of this scale isn’t, or shouldn’t be, something that you improvise. Before you begin any actual renovations, you should consider these basics.

1. Decide on a Budget Before Talking to a Contractor

whole home remodeling contractor reviewing plans

Before you talk to a contractor about a whole home remodel, you should figure out what you can afford to spend on your project. Without planning, costs on a project like this can spiral out of control. While unexpected expenses may arise, it helps to understand what the project will cost beforehand since you will probably have to borrow money to fund it.

When your contractor knows what your budget is, they can make suggestions about how to stay within it and help you make realistic plans and goals. Your contractor may also be able to make some deals that will help you stretch your budget further by saving on materials and other costs.

2. Bring Your Whole Home Remodel Ideas to the Contractor

As you are planning your whole home remodel project, it can help to look for inspiration by visiting home improvement stores or looking through magazines. Looking at specific examples helps you to communicate what you want to your whole home remodeling contractor much more effectively. If you can show your contractor samples or pictures of what you want, that’s even more helpful. That way, you and your contractor have something concrete to refer to as you make your plans. Even if what you’re looking for is out of your budget, your contractor may be able to find something similar.

3. Consider Zoning Laws and Get the Necessary Permits With the Help of Your Contractor

A contractor can be a big help as you are navigating zoning laws and obtaining building permits. Every community has zoning laws, which place limits on what you can build and where. Your contractor is probably more familiar with the applicable laws than you are, so if what you have in mind would violate them, they should be able to inform you fairly early on.

Your contractor can also help you with the process of getting the necessary building permits. Even so, you should expect that this may take weeks or months and schedule your project accordingly.

4. Identify Potential Health and Safety Hazardswhole home remodeling contractor reviewing blueprints safety jacket

While you can remodel a home of any age, many whole home remodeling projects involve older houses that are outdated. Hidden hazards sometimes lurk in and around your home, such as asbestos siding or lead-based paint. With the help of your contractor, you should identify any such hazards in your home and make plans to mitigate them without posing any unnecessary risk. Your whole home remodeling contractor can help ensure that the changes you plan to make comply with current safety codes.

5. Look to the Future

While your remodeling project should address your current needs, you should think about what you may need from your home in the future and factor this into your plan. For example, if your children are young now, you should think about how their needs will change when they are teenagers. If you hope to spend your retirement in your home, you may want to make updates now that make aging in place easier. If you think you might sell your home at some point, even if you are not planning to now, you should consider resale value when planning your remodel.

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