Flooring is one of the most important features when designing your home!

For when you open the door your floor says: Come, welcome home. Where you are more than family; It can say you have just arrived and will be made to feel luxurious. Or it can be fun and exciting, making you want to know more about what is inside.

From LVT to Hardwood and Ceramic to Marbel (and everything in between). Let our Design team help you create the look you are wanting to acheive.

Shower remodel

Taking a small area and enlarging it can be done in many cases. This home had flooded, so it was time for change!

We took a 3×3 shower and created a 6×4 oasis. We not only increased the area, we put in two shower heads, a light, a large bench seat, 2 nooks and a beautiful sliding door. This kept the center of the room open and free to move around.

Contact HG’s design team and allow them to create an Oasis just for you!

The world of tubs

When you start to try to install a new tub, you find that there is a whole world of tubs out there.

So how do you possibly find the right one that is the right size?

First you need to know what kind you are looking for; a free standing, an alcove, a drop in, undermount or walk-in? Second, you must know the size area in which you are working in. (How long and how deep.) Third, do you want to add a jacuzzi? If so, you will need electricy run.

Fourth what kind of material do you want your tub:

Acrylic: Lightweight, easy to repair, and available in many colors and shapes, acrylic tubs can be more moderately priced.

Fiberglass: These tubs are lightweight, reparable, and often more affordable than acrylic options.

Cast Iron: Enameled cast iron is durable, solid, excellent at retaining heat, and available in many colors.

Porcelain: Usually made with a cast iron or steel base, porcelain-enameled tubs have an affordable, luxurious look that’s resistant to scratching and will retain its glossy finish for years.

Copper: This artisan option, often constructed with hammered recycled copper, is a costlier but one-of-a-kind finish that grows richer with time.

Granite/Marble: With a one-of-a-kind natural look, stone tubs are often hand-carved and excellent at retaining heat.

With so many options, let our design team assist you in re-designing your bathroom with a tub that just right for you.

Paint Colors

When painting a room there are many factors to consider:

Room size, ceiling height, lighting by luminess and/ or natural, then desired overall look.

In the desired overall look, are you going for the dramatic? Are you wanting to acheive a calm peaceful enviroment? Do you want what is trendy and in fashion right now? Are you wanting to make your room look bigger? Or do you want a warm and cozy room.

Once you have decided this, are there any accents you want to play on when designing? Are there knooks or walls you want to pop, or do you want everything in the same color?

Now here is where the fun begins. DECIDING THE COLOR/S!

We recommend Sherwin Williams paint. They have a variety of types of paint and thicknesses. Some are great for scuff marks, etc. from kids. While others have a primer inside to make painting 1 to 2 coats, even over red paint! Also they are very good a color matching most any color you desire.

Once you have chosen a paint you want to try, buy a sample can and put a lot on one of the walls you are going to paint. A little is not going to give you the effect you are looking for. Remember the colors from the floor, furniture and drapes can change the way the color looks on the wall. So leave it there for a few days and look at it in the daytime and at night. Now you can see if this color is going to be pleasing to your eyes.

Think you got it down? Well think some more. There are colors that cause extra stimuli on the brain. While others are a color that can cause depression. So let the experts with HG Luxury Homes design team help you find the color that will best suit your needs and gives you that awe feeling when you arrive home!

Breakfast rooms

Breakfast rooms, lets make them extrodinary!

Windows give a open feel along with bringing the beauty of the outdoors in. While a decorative ceiling brings your eyes up and gives the room height and elegance.

Since the breakfast room is usually a place most people spend time in each day. Make sure to make the most of the space, no matter how small, and decorate it in a manner that is warm, inviting and makes others do a double take because its not the ordinary breakfast room most people see.

Let the design team of HG Luxury create this dream space for you.


Closets come in all shapes and sizes. But the one thing that should be in common is organization!

Closets have come a long way; from just having a few shelves and rods to hang clothes, now to having vanities, sitting areas, safes and more.

No matter your budget you should always look at ways to keep your closet clutter free and easy to find the items you are looking for.

Let our design team help you in creating a beautiful, organized and clean space. One you might even enjoy spending time in.


When you are designing a room the lighting is a very important aspect that should be considered from the start.

Lighting is the ambience of the room. The item that plays all other parts of the room against or with each other.

You can put your illumination in a room to light up the whole room or to direct your attention to specific elements of the room. Sometimes you want different types of lighting in the same room for to do both at the same time.

Let HG’s design team work with you to create an enviroment that will invite, delight and give you the desires you are wanting to achieve.

Laundry rooms

With the new front load options for washer and dryers, it is time to re-think your LAUNDRY ROOM!

Our design team can take a small cramped utility and created a more functional, organized, beautiful space.

Call HG’s design team and let them show you how you can best work your space into a beautiful design.


There are so many selections, so many intricate details that can be added to make a design completely your own.

When choosing cabinets, BUDGET, is the first thing that must be thought of.

Second must be STYLE.

Third is the AREA in which you have to work and if it is small, what can be done to utilize the space most efficiently.

Forth is the COMPANY and installer that you desire. For you can have a very expesive cabinet and if installed imporperly, they can look very cheap.

Fifth, is it better to buy cabinets or to have your CABINETS CUSTOMIZED for your best design.

Hg Luxury Homes offers different brands of cabinets and have a cabinet maker who customizes for you. This allows everyone an opportunity to get the most for the amount of money they desire. Then you will work with our design team to create a layout that fits your needs and style.

Call HG Luxury Homes and allow us the opportunity to create the look you desire.

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