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Texas Custom Home Building Process


HG Luxury Homes team will work along side of you, creating and building a design for any project you need.

Kitchen and Bath 
Room additions
Entertainment spaces and outdoor living
Custom and hidden closets
Custom garages
Custom stairs
Custom Disability friendly designs 
Flooded and Fire damaged homes

Whatever the type of project, our team of professionals will guide you with your budget in material selection and design to give you the look you are wanting to achieve. 


Our Texas Custom Home Building Process was designed by our team of experts. We will work closely with you to determine your preferences to design a space that reflects you and seamlessly fits into the rest of your home.

We can remove or change almost any structural wall to open up your rooms for an open design concept or add any type of addition to your existing home.

From indoor renovations and updates to your own personal outdoor living oasis, you will never be limited options because we will rework the design until you are completely satisfied. 


HG Luxury Homes team will work along side of you, creating and building a design for any project you need.When working with HG Luxury Homes, we give you a variety of options the best suits your needs.

• We can provide innovative ideas to a predesigned plan
You can use one of our ready to build plans
You can use our inhouse architect and design team
You can utilize our award winning interior design experts
Or simply bring us a plan and design of your own

interior design

HG Luxury Homes team members will meet with you to thoroughly understand your design needs and desires, to define your style, and to understand the overall design plan of your home. 

We have the ability to shop at multiple showrooms to seek the customized finishes that make your home come to life. From the most minute details to the finished project, HG Luxury Homes ensures your home will be the stunning and the envy of all your friends and neighbors. 

This home is all about you and when the design process is finished, it will no longer be a house, but uniquely your home. 

outdoor living

Your outdoor living is an extension of your home.It needs to make a statement and add true value to the worth of your home. HG Luxury Homes will construct a relaxing-stylish outdoor living space just for you. 

Our specialties include: 

• Firepits and Fireplaces
Covered Patios and Pergolas
Outdoor Kitchens
Custom Pools 


HG Luxury Homes offers to assist you with new construction or renovation of current landscaping.

Whether your project is a simplistic landscape with an utopian garden, or maybe you are considering stone, path, or water features, HG Luxury Homes has the resources and skills to make it happen. 

safety features

President,Stephen Schnitzer, has been involved in all safety aspects of home construction for over 20 years. Stephen is currently a Safety Officer for City of Houston and has been employed by them for 16 years, and has 15 years of law enforcement experience.

All his accolades combined safety experience in fire and law enforcement listed HG Luxury Homes as the only safety certified builder in Houston under the Greater Houston Builder Association.Your family safety is an uncompromising importance to HG Luxury Homes and we will far exceed the minimal safety expectations in your newly designed home. We understand the importance of structural fire prevention and personal security safety features and will incorporate all means necessary to guarantee these elements are thoroughly covered in your home.

Services we offer include: 

• Smart Alarm
• In-house Fire Sprinkler System: It is proven that the number of fire-related deaths and property loss drops exponentially with sprinklers.   
• Dehumidifiers: helps with health, keeping house cooler, and decreases chances of mold
• Tinted windows: to aid in heat management and can even be bulletproof
• FLIR and Infrared reflective wall panels
• Safety special locks for exterior doors
• Generators
• Lightning Rods
• Water leak detection system
• Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors
• Fire Wall: Garage and Utility
• Fire Extinguishers: Garage/Utility/Kitchens/Outdoor Kitchen
• Lighting Features: Photocells, Flood lights, landscape, pathways and can connect the lighting to smart alarm

You will have peace of mind knowing your family is safe in an HG Luxury equipped home. 

“If you nee a new house built or a remodeling job done, HG Luxury Homes did a fabulous job for us. They communicated with us every step of the way, use first class materials, and finished when they said they would. They even have a decorator that will help you pick out all of your materials. This really put my mind at ease. I would highly recommend this wonderful company.”
S. Ebbeler
Conroe, Texas
Several years back my new wife and I wanted to build a barn-dominium on some property and we were directed to Stephen and Nita over at HG Luxury Homes. After meeting with them we instantly knew they were the builder of choice. During the entire process they were always readily available and willing to work with anything we requested. Our barn-dominium turned out spectacular and we love living in it.
D. Cline
Tarkington, Texas
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