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We have the inspiration you need for your bathroom remodel

Bathroom Remodel Inspiration for Home Renovation

Whether you’re in The Woodlands or Conroe, a bathroom remodel projects can be an excellent home improvement endeavor. The purpose of a bathroom might seem simple at first. However, there is no limit to the flourishes and amenities that you can add to this important room. 

Whether you want a safe haven of self-care or more efficient use of space, home remodeling is an excellent way to update your home. If you’re just beginning to brainstorm, here are a few ideas to consider for your next remodeling project. 

Walk-In Showers 

A walk-in shower offers convenience to a bathroom that is tough to beat. This is especially true when space is an issue. While it might not be what you want for a master bath, it’s a great and efficient use of space in guest bathrooms.

When you include this shower in your bathroom remodels, consider a glass enclosure that allows you to highlight the tile on the interior. Moreover, a curdles entry to the shower opens up space by eliminating divisive lines. This allows continuity throughout the room. 

Remember Storage Space in Your Bathroom Remodel 

While a double vanity looks great in small bathrooms, it takes up a lot of space. Efficiency is an important aspect of any room. When you need additional storage space, remember that it is just as important as a sink.

Upright cabinets can be placed to keep linens, towels, and toiletries. You can also create storage solutions when you select a vanity with drawers or open shelving. 

Sinks & Vanities 

With so many styles to choose from, finding a bathroom vanity can become overwhelming in a bathroom remodel project. Our interior designers work with you to find a vanity that complements your home decor.

With a wide array of sizes, finishes, and styles to consider, there’s a perfect solution for everyone. The sink itself is also a part of your bathroom design. You may want to consider a vessel sink that rests on the counter or freestanding pedestal sinks. 

a bathroom remodel with floating toilet and sink in modern bathroom
Luxury design of bathroom with black toilet bowl and washbasin.

Bathroom Remodels with Freestanding Tubs 

While an antique tub doesn’t match every bathroom remodel, a freestanding tub may still fit your decor. Crisp lines with a rectangular design or smooth, ovular slopes might suit your soaking needs and create a centerpiece for your bathroom design. As you consider bathtubs, look for a model with fixtures at an end or along the side, depending on your existing plumbing. This can help to curb unnecessary remodeling costs. 

Bathroom Tile 

Show off some creativity by replacing floor and wall tile in your bathroom remodel project. Our design team will work within your tastes to find the perfect tile to backdrop your space. Whether subtle and patterned or bold and textured, there are truly innumerable options. 

Bathroom Remodel with HG Luxury Homes 

Your best bathroom remodel ideas don’t have to become extravagant or expensive. Small bathroom updates can make an impact within a limited budget. A new light fixture can brighten a dim room and add a new design element. Replace dated fixtures with new styles. 

Most importantly, consider your current and future needs as you plan your bathroom renovation. For your older or less able-bodied loved ones, you may want to consider grab bars or shower benches.

Whatever you may need, the design-build team at HG Luxury homes is here to help. From Conroe full bathroom remodeling to Magnolia living room updates, our team works closely with you to maintain your style preferences. Call us today to see what we can do for you.

9 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Plan a Bathroom Remodeling Project in Your Houston Home

simple white bathroom with double vanity, large soaking tub. off set with grey tile.

When you feel like your home is in need of an update, a bathroom remodeling project is a great place to begin. However, beginning the planning can be a bit overwhelming. People are not always sure where to start or what sort of features they would like to add to their bathroom.

Whether you want to update or upgrade your bathroom, we’ve gathered a few ideas for improving your home with some simple renovations. While some of these upgrades require a small investment, you’ll reap restful and stylish rewards as you unwind or get ready. 

Whether you’re looking for a master bathroom or guest bathroom, we hope to help you plan the bathroom of your dreams. When you’re ready to begin a bathroom remodel in Houston, our design team has years of experience in designing high quality, beautiful bathrooms.

A Frameless Glass Shower 

Glass shower doors can offer your bathroom a luxurious look, but in reality, they offer so much more. A frameless shower lacks a ledge or lip that you have to step over to enter the shower. This makes it an excellent and safe choice for aging loved ones, or those who may be a bit accident-prone. Whether you’re adding it for the appeal or the safety, switching to a walk-in shower is a wonderful way to begin your bathroom remodel. 

Vent Fans 

At HG Luxury Homes, we specialize in updating historic homes. While many modern homes likely already have bathroom vent fans, older homes might not. Improving the air flow is a small yet extremely beneficial way to renovate your bathroom. Vent fans help to clear steamy mirrors and keep moisture off the walls. With a vent fan, the moisture can sit and cause mold to grow. When you’re updating an older home, consider this an essential part of renovations.

Aural Upgrades 

A simple way to improve your bathroom is to keep your favorite music on-hand as you rejuvenate and relax. A small shelf near your shower can support a bluetooth speaker. However, you can maximize sound quality by installing a sound system throughout your bathroom.

There is a broad spectrum of technological upgrades to consider as you plan your bathroom remodeling project. Consider what else might help to improve your self-care and morning routine. 

Warm Towels on a Heated Towel Bar

There’s nothing like a warm towel after a shower. This cozy bathroom remodeling idea is simple but impactful. Hang your towels from heated bars so you can wrap yourself in a warm towel as you step out of the bath. An electric towel bar is an excellent way to accomplish this. However, keep your budget friendly by installing a shelf or bar on the wall opposite your showerhead. This will cause the steam to warm your towel as you shower. 

Entertainment Centers 

Do you like to keep up with the news as you prepare for your day? Installing a small screen in your remodeled bathroom might be the perfect way to stay current. Water-resistant, low-voltage tvs and touch screens are designed to be installed in areas near water, and they often come with water-resistant remotes. Proper ventilation in your bathroom will help to keep humidity levels in check to ensure these screens last. 

Rest with a Shower Bench 

A seat in your shower encourages a slower pace, making it an exquisite addition for those who need to slow down. Shower benches can be tiled to match the rest of the shower or constructed with a contrasting material such as teak or glass. Elevate the experience with additional upgrades, like a steam feature, to make your morning routine all the more rejuvenating. 

Freestanding Tubs 

A freestanding tub can become a statement piece in your bathroom. Set apart from the shower, you can wash away your stress in a deep soaking tub. Do you long to linger in serene bubbles and soothing jets? A larger model will ensure that you have plenty of room, avoiding strain on the muscles as you lean back. 

Windows + Skylights 

Dark, dull bathrooms make for a drab experience. Adding a window or a skylight to your renovations is a beautiful way to brighten things up. The room’s proportions and features should dictate the size and style. When wall space is limited or views aren’t appealing, a skylight may be the right direction for your bathroom remodeling project. 

Skylights also come with operable options to offer ventilation and light, and their frames can be designed to match the walls and windows. Higher quality windows will prevent problems from moisture and condensation. 

Floating Vanity 

black floating vanity and toilet on white tiled walls.

Update any style of bath and bring an airy feel to the room with a floating vanity. Adding open space between the bottom of the vanity and the floor provides space for increased flow throughout the room. Floating vanities can be as simple as a plank of material with a vessel sink or outfitted with custom cabinetry and double sinks. This is a great design feature to consider as you plot out your bathroom remodeling plan. 

Houston Bathroom Remodeling 

Sprucing up your bathroom’s infrastructure can cause the entire room to feel cozy or vibrant. If you are struggling to come up with bathroom remodeling plans, our design team will work with you to guide you throughout the process. We take your tastes into consideration to attain the atmosphere you hope to foster. Call on HG Luxury Homes for your next Houston home renovation project. 

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