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Depending on the age of your hotel, office space or restaurant kitchen, you may feel it could use an upgrade. As a business owner, you depend on the look and feel of your space to represent your company’s brand. HG Luxury Homes offers commercial remodeling services designed to bring out the best in your space and commercial build out.

Superior Commercial Build Out Results

Because we have over 70 years of experience with commercial and residential remodels, you can rest easy knowing our dedicated technicians are on the job. We work in proximity with our clients to discuss their desires for an office kitchen and breakroom remodel. No matter how minor or major the renovation is, we do our best to exceed your every expectation.

What if you’re not sure how you’d like your corporate office space to look? Not to worry, our designers can sit down with you and get an idea of your company culture, budget, style and more. We’re sure we can come up with a business build out design you’ll love.

Office Breakroom and Kitchen Renovation

When you want to revive the look of your office kitchen or breakroom, you’ve got a lot of considerations to remember. For instance, you want an efficient space, and you want to ensure you meet the latest code specifications. We also recommend focusing on your design’s overall durability, so it lasts as long as possible.

If you have a facility or restaurant that needs a full kitchen space, allow us to put our expertise to good use. We want you and your employees to have a dedicated area with plenty of space for all the cooking equipment and tools needed to take care of your guests.

For office space kitchens and breakrooms, you may want a simpler commercial build out. Let us hook you and your workforce up with innovative storage solutions, an office refrigerator and drawers. Our goal is to make the breakroom or kitchen easy to manage.

Office Space

Business growth may require a commercial office space remodel. Your employees deserve plenty of space to work comfortably so they can focus on their productivity. Maybe you want to shift to an open workspace layout. Perhaps you feel it’s time to install a modern conference room. Let us know what you’ve got in mind so we can give you top-quality results. Our technicians aim for pleasing aesthetics and overall functionality. 

Commercial Build Out Considerations

With every business build out project we tackle, we like to share common considerations to remember.

Improvement Type

If you’re a soon-to-be tenant rather than a current tenant, you may need to approach the landlord with your build out designs and discuss who pays for the project. The two of you must likely work together on a renovation plan, which is called a turnkey business build out. Your plan may include light fixtures, interior walls and electrical outlets. We can work with your landlord on cultivating a budget that meets everyone’s needs.

You may desire a tenant improvement build out. You’ll be in the driver’s seat regarding the materials and commercial build out services used. Even then, you may still need to stick to a budget agreed upon during lease negotiations.

Building and Utilities Upgrades

Do you want to include an energy efficiency retrofit as part of your remodeling project? If so, we recommend researching who must pay for the upgrade. If you as a tenant don’t pay your own utilities, you may not want to divide energy efficiency project costs. Your landlord may not want to foot the bill for whole-building renovations if you’re the only one to benefit from the improvement. Look over your lease to understand utility costs.


Your commercial building’s age and condition affect how much you pay for a business build out. Newer structures with fresh commercial spaces cost more than aged building spaces. Your industry also affects remodel costs. Dental and medical offices, laboratories and other specialty spaces usually come with higher prices when compared to standard commercial spaces. Do not forget to add furnishings and finishings when creating your remodeling budget. 

Over and Underbuilding

Because you depend on the look and feel of your business space to draw in customers and keep your employees happy, carefully consider how much you’re willing to spend on a business build out. Adding too much could result in building more than you need. Not adding enough could result in cut corners or underwhelming results. We aim to help you find a well-balanced medium that maximizes your budget and satisfaction.


You have a business to run. That means you need to complete your commercial remodel ASAP. Project scope and space and building condition are some factors that affect how long you must wait. Specific items to consider include construction, permitting, design and bidding timelines.

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Let Our Commercial Remodeling Contractors Take Care of Everything

As a full-service design and construction team, we coordinate your entire project. Our general contractors take care of permits, ordering, installation, construction, project management, and more. We keep you up to speed on progress while letting you focus on running your business. That way, you get the new office you love without the stress that normally comes with it.

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