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Home Remodeling Contractors Houston

Interior Design of open concept living room spaceHouston is a booming metropolis located in Texas, with limits extending to Galveston Bay. The city has an excellent job market, low unemployment, and affordable housing options. The low cost of living and warm weather makes it a perfect choice for young families and professionals. However, the area’s vulnerability to extreme weather makes regular home repairs a reality for many residents. HG Luxury Homes provides remodeling and design services in the Houston area. Whether you want to splurge a home addition or enjoy a more practical layout, our home remodeling contractors can help.

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Services We Offer in Houston

We provide home remodeling services in Houston for both commercial and residential customers. Driven by an experienced team of professionals, including builders, architects, and contractors, we’re well equipped to handle a project of any size.

Home Remodeling Contractors Houston

Whether you want to change the appearance of your home’s exterior or you want to add a custom garage or addition, our home remodeling contractors can help. We understand that undertaking an extensive remodeling project can be daunting. Our team will walk you through every part of the process, from choosing colors and design plans to obtaining the proper Houston area permits. We also provide a variety of remodeling services to fit any budget.

Home Remodeling Contractors in Montgomery TX

Kitchen Remodeling Houston

Our kitchen remodeling contractors have the experience to complete remodels of all sizes, styles, and budgets. Our kitchen designers have extensive knowledge of classic, transitional and modern kitchen styles. We can use design trends from various areas to give your Houston home a truly unique look. Whether you want new appliances, flooring, or cabinets, we use the best materials for the project.

Home Remodeling in Montgomery, TX
Bathroom Remodeling Contractors and Home Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling Houston

Revamping an outdated bathroom can make your entire home feel new. Our bathroom remodeling contractors can update your vanity, faucets, flooring, lighting fixtures, or sinks. Product and design options vary, with projects ranging from minor updates to a complete overhaul. Adding custom shower doors is an inexpensive way to update the feel of your entire room.

Frequently Asked Questions about Home Remodeling Contractors in Houston

Starting a home remodeling project is a complex process, and most people have many questions at the beginning. Below is a list of frequently asked questions many Houston homeowners have about HG Luxury Homes’ remodeling services.

Choosing a home remodeling contractor is a personal process that requires time and research. You should have a basic idea of what type of remodeling you want before contacting a contractor. You should read online reviews and ask friends and family for references. Ask a few contractors for references and contact as many of them as you can. Once you make a choice, check BBB ratings before executing a contract. 

HG Luxury Homes provides you with an itemized estimate before starting any project. Our estimates include quotes from vendors for materials, proposals from necessary subcontractors, and estimates of taxes, labor costs, and overhead expenses. If any part of the budget changes during the project, we will provide you with an updated estimate before performing that part of the project.

The remodeling process timeline varies depending on many factors, including the size and complexity of the project, materials, and availability of contractors. As a general guideline, most projects take between three and six months to complete.

First, you need to make a plan. Assess your property and set priorities for what rooms and features you want to change. Second, hire a contractor and set a budget. Third, talk with your insurance company and inform them of the project and the budget. Fourth, work with your contractor to secure permits and order materials. Fifth, the contractor will perform the demolition and the work behind the walls. The final step is completing all installation of flooring, materials, and fixtures. 

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