Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodels that may add value typically include new appliances, cabinetry, countertops, flooring, and fixtures. A major remodel typically includes Semi-custom cabinetry and a 3-by-5 foot island. New countertops with a deep, spacious sink and faucet. New appliances, including garbage disposal. Custom lighting.

6 Reasons Islands Need to Be Part of Your Kitchen Remodeling

Over the last few years, updating kitchens has been a very hot topic. One of the most commonly renovated rooms is the kitchen, which is likely due to how many families gather there. If you are looking to upgrade your kitchen, one area to focus on is the island. It has turned into one of the most sought-after kitchen remodeling design requests we have. Here are some of the many valid reasons people want an island to anchor their kitchen.

Making an Island Part of Your Kitchen Remodeling Means VersatilityKitchen Remodelers in Conroe Texas

The simple addition of a kitchen island into your kitchen remodeling means your kitchen instantly has more versatility. You can use the extra counter space for more cooking, more meal preparation, kids can do homework, and so much more. This addition may seem like a big design element without much in return, but it will make your kitchen easier to use and entertain.

Storage is Easier with a Big Kitchen Island

Kitchens often have too little storage in them. Even large kitchens often have appliances and other small items in many of the corners of the counters for things like utensils, coffee, and staples. However, by adding in a kitchen island, many of those items will have a home. Instead of having items on countertops for little fingers to touch or take, you can put them away and know that your kitchen is safer, plus everything will be easier to find when you need it.


An Island Means Added Seating

One of the biggest benefits of adding a new kitchen island into your kitchen remodel is the seating. Want a place for the kids to eat breakfast hot off the griddle? The ideal location is the island. Do they need help with their homework while you make dinner? Then the island is a perfect solution. Want to talk to your friends or spouse and drink some coffee? Again, the island is a versatile seating option that keeps you in a room you love.


You Get More Prep Space with an Island

A common complaint that we hear is that there are just not enough counters in most kitchens. If your kitchen is the same, then adding in an island fixes that issue as well. You get more counter space where you can prepare meals and easily clean up when you are done. If you go with something a bit more practical with your island design, you can have a built-in area for debris when preparing food, which allows the waste to fall right into your trash. You can even pick a material that is easier to prepare food on, such as butcher block, for your island top.


An Island Provides Organization Options

Finding a way to keep a busy kitchen organized is important. When you need to prepare a meal quickly, knowing where everything is essential. Adding a kitchen island into your design allows you to plan for what will go there before the remodel begins. Then, you can be sure that the island you pick out is large enough to accommodate your items without having to stuff anything into a cabinet or drawer to save space.

Couple looking over finances.A Powered Kitchen Island Adds Even Bigger Bonuses

If you want a kitchen island that you can use for nearly any task you have in the kitchen, you want to add power to the island. Having an extra workspace is nice, as is the additional seating. However, if you have to keep tripping over extension cords or going back to your counters for an outlet, you will not get as much use out of it. Adding in something as simple as an outlet can greatly affect how much use and enjoyment you get from your new kitchen island. If you want to avoid power, you could also put your sink on the island and keep the power on your countertops away from the water.


For Kitchen Remodeling Ideas, Talk with HG Luxury Homes Today!

Bring your kitchen remodeling ideas to life by seeking out the expertise of HG Luxury Homes. We know how to make your kitchen remodel look amazing, keep it trendy, and make sure it matches your style. The kitchen is an incredibly important anchor to your home. Make sure you have an island to add these important benefits to your new kitchen. You will be glad you did.

10 Trending Kitchen Remodel Design Ideas for Your Home

Kitchen remodeling trends change constantly. They are new each year, and it can be difficult to keep up! Thankfully, we have our fingers on the pulse of these changes, so you don’t have to. Here are ten of the top trending designs for your kitchen we think you should take advantage of. Want to know more? Reach out, and we can explain each trend in more detail!

Kitchen Remodel Design Ideas for When You Remodel Your Kitchen

When it comes to kitchen remodeling, some trends depend on your personal preferences. Each of the trends we talk about will need your input on color, material, and functionality to match your home and style.

Start Small with the Walls

One of the best places to start your kitchen remodeling project is with the walls. When was the last time you updated the paint? If you are not sure, then now is the time. It is an easy project that can give your kitchen a whole new feel.

Beautiful new kitchenYour Hardware Makes a Bigger Difference In Your Kitchen Remodel Design Than You Think

Unfortunately, one of the most overlooked kitchen remodel design aspects is your hardware. Those little knobs and handles make a huge difference in your kitchen. If you change them out, your kitchen will look different to you. In combination with any of the others on this list, that change can level up your kitchen in no time!

Have Some Fun and Upgrade Your Lights

Kitchen lighting is vital to how well your kitchen works for you. Have some fun and bring in something punchy. If you do not want to go big, this can be an accent lamp over your island or even a small pendant light over your sink. However, if you want a big change, go for a big, main light that makes you smile every time you see it.

Splurge on Your Countertops

You use your counters for almost everything you do in the kitchen. They are a focal point, whether you like them or not. Take a larger portion of your budget and splurge on getting really good countertops that you love. You will thank yourself each day when you walk into your kitchen and see them.

Mix Natural Materials

Natural is a kitchen remodel design that has been around for years and is not going away any time soon. Opt for many types of natural materials in your kitchen. Go with some wood, some stone, and even some greenery if you can. These contrasting natural materials are sure to make your kitchen pop.

Make Sure You Look at Your Flooring

The flooring of your kitchen is going to take a lot of abuse. If your floor shows a lot of wear and tear, update it. You have options like wood and tile, or you can go with something out of the box like epoxy resin flooring. It all depends on what you want to get out of your kitchen remodel.

Get the Best Appliances to Suit Your Needs

Look at the appliances you use most. Whether you use the kitchen a little or a lot, you have a few you use more often than the rest. Look into getting better appliances with the ones you use most. If you can go top of the line, then do it. Spoil yourself because of how much use your kitchen does get.

New Cabinets or Just New Cabinet Doors?

If your kitchen looks old, new cabinets may be a great option. However, if your cabinets are in great shape, new doors may be all you need. We can show you what your kitchen would look like with all new cabinets or with just new doors and let you decide.

Do You Have Any Open Shelves?

Kitchen remodeling companyOpen shelving is a great way to help your kitchen design feel open. You can show off your fancy dishes while also having plenty of storage space. This option works best for those with minimal kitchen appliances.

Your Kitchen Needs an Island


Your kitchen remodel will not be complete if you do not add an island to your kitchen. If you already have one, then take some time and dedicate it to upgrading your island. It is a functional and essential part of your kitchen, and it deserves some love, too.

Let HG Luxury Homes Help You Narrow Down the Kitchen Remodel Design That’s Perfect for You

When you want help with your kitchen remodel design, turn to the experienced professionals at LG Luxury Homes. We can help you create the best design for your kitchen and even do the entire remodel for you. Put our 75+ years of experience to work for you. Contact us today!

6 Benefits of Kitchen Remodeling in Magnolia, TX.

Any project involving remodeling in Magnolia, TX, is a large undertaking that requires careful consideration beforehand. Nevertheless, you may get caught in analysis paralysis when considering kitchen remodeling. Besides the expense involved, remodeling your kitchen can cause significant inconvenience because it is so central to your home. To help you with your cost-benefit analysis and motivate you to decide, here are some of the considerable benefits that remodeling your kitchen can offer you.

1. Increased Home Value With Kitchen Remodeling in Magnolia TX

Couple looking over finances.

If you are thinking of selling your home in the foreseeable future, you may want to go ahead with the kitchen remodeling job now. While the kitchen tends to be one of the most expensive remodeling projects, it also offers one of the biggest returns on investment. In other words, when you sell your home, you can ask for a higher purchase price, thereby making back most, if not all, of what you spent on remodeling it.

2. Enhanced Safety

If your home or appliances are older, they may not be up to today’s safety standards. For example, the wiring may be old and worn out, and therefore more of a fire hazard. The insulation may contain asbestos, which isn’t necessarily a reason for remodeling in itself, but if you’re planning the job anyway, you’ll need to have it replaced. If you have an older model stove with the knobs in the front, this could allow children or pets to turn it on accidentally, which could start a fire or cause a serious burn injury. Remodeling your Magnolia, TX kitchen can bring it up to code, making it safer.

3. Improved Efficiency and Sustainability When You Do a Kitchen Remodeling in Magnolia, TX

Outdated appliances do more than pose potential safety risks. They can also waste a good deal of energy, which can cost you more in your monthly utility bills. Newer, more efficient appliances can save you on your monthly expenses by using less energy. This also helps preserve natural resources and reduce your carbon footprint, which is better for the planet.

4. Increased Functionality

Sometimes the kitchen layout doesn’t seem to be based on logic. You may find that you have to take many more steps than you expect to complete the simplest tasks. Not only is this inefficient, but it is also frustrating because you have to waste time while obtaining the ingredients and implements to prepare a meal. Kitchen remodeling in Magnolia, TX, allows you to change the layout to be more intuitive. This will enable you to work more efficiently in the kitchen. As a result, you may get more enjoyment out of the time you spend there.

5. Up-to-Date Appearance

While some design styles and elements are timeless, others are inextricably rooted in the period they originated. Over time, they have become irrevocably dated. While the kitchen may still be functional, it may be uncomfortable and distracting to spend time there because of the outdated décor. You may feel self-conscious about inviting family and friends over to your home for fear that they will either laugh or cringe over your outdated kitchen. New appliances, fixtures, and overall design style can bring your kitchen into the 21st century, making it attractive and modern. If you have a historic home, you can also bring your kitchen up to date and make it more functional while preserving the original character that made you fall in love with it in the first place.


6. Increased ComfortBeautiful new kitchen

The kitchen is often the place in your home where your family spends the most time together. Remodeling your Magnolia, TX kitchen can make it more comfortable for people to gather, thus encouraging them to stay longer. There are many ways that you can remodel your kitchen with an eye toward increased comfort. Here are just a few examples:

  • Letting in more natural sunlight with larger windows
  • Adding more seating capacity with a kitchen island
  • Reducing heat and cooking odors with better ventilation
  • Creating an open floor plan by removing walls between the living room or dining room

Because individual tastes vary, it is difficult to predict what specific renovations will make your kitchen more comfortable for your family. That’s why you need to work with experienced contractors who listen to your ideas and help you plan your kitchen remodeling so that it provides what you need at a price you can afford. Learn more about how to start the process.

7 Steps on How To Remodel a Kitchen

Steps to a Kitchen Remodel

Compared to other single-room renovations, kitchen remodeling is the most expensive. However, it can also provide the biggest return on investment, both in the ease and convenience you gain from updating your kitchen and the favorable impression it can make on potential buyers if you eventually decide to sell. If you don’t know very much yet about how to remodel a kitchen, here are some of the most important steps in the process.

1. Work With People Who Know How to Remodel a Kitchen

7 Steps on How to Remodel a Kitchen | HG Luxury Homes

Your approach to a kitchen remodel can fall along a spectrum between two extremes. Either you can hire a contractor to handle the entire job for you or do the whole project yourself. Many people end up somewhere between the two extremes, taking some aspects of the remodeling themselves and hiring professionals to perform those that require a higher level of skill. The less you already know about how to remodel a kitchen, the more you should rely on professionals.

2. Set a Budget

Before you learn how to remodel a kitchen, you should decide how much you can afford to spend on the job. Plan your budget carefully and make it as detailed as possible because your plans for the project will be based largely on it.




3. Determine Your Must-Haves

There may be things that you want your kitchen upgrade to include as well as essential things. You’ll need to differentiate between the two and prioritize your needs over your wants. Once you have made this determination, go back over your budget. If it is not covering your needs, you may have to revise it, sacrificing some wants in the process.

4. Map Out Your Kitchen

Having schematic designs of both your existing kitchen and your planned changes can help you communicate how you want your kitchen remodeled to others. It also allows you to anticipate any potential problems and fix them before the actual work begins.

When mapping out your kitchen, pay particular attention to the location of the utilities, including electricity, gas, and water are. In some cases, it’s possible to move these, but it is often difficult. Most of the time, you have to leave them where they are and design around them.

5. Find Examples to Demonstrate How Your Kitchen Remodel Should Look When Finished


Look in home design magazines and visit storerooms and hardware stores to find ideas and inspiration for your kitchen remodel. You may find the look you want in a magazine, but the materials are not in your budget. You can then design a showroom and find a more affordable material that looks very similar. You can also show pictures and samples to a contractor, who can make realistic suggestions about how you can achieve the look on your budget.

6. Keep Functionality in Mind

It’s perfectly appropriate for you to want your kitchen to look nice, but don’t get so hung up on aesthetics that you ignore the kitchen’s intended function. A kitchen that doesn’t have an intuitive and efficient design can cause frustration in the long run, even if it is pretty to look at. It also isn’t likely to impress any future buyers.

7. Learn How to Remodel a Kitchen in the Right Order


Before you begin the actual remodeling, you should understand the overall process of how to remodel a kitchen. Remodeling tasks have to be carried out in a certain order, and if you try to jump ahead, it will cause problems for you. Not every kitchen remodel will include every step, but remodeling jobs typically have to be carried out in the following order:

7 Steps on How to Remodel a Kitchen | HG Luxury Homes

  • Demolition
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Drywall hanging
  • Painting
  • Flooring
  • Cabinetry

When you look at this list, it may be obvious why some jobs have to be completed before you can start others. For example, painting the drywall before hanging it would present problems, and you might understand why you want to finish painting before you lay new flooring, so you don’t drip on it. You may also run into trouble if you attempted to save time by working on the plumbing and electrical system simultaneously.

HG Luxury Homes Knows How To Remodel a Kitchen

HG Luxury Homes has more than 75 years of experience in remodeling. Find out how we can help you revitalize your kitchen. Contact us today for your free consultation!

Looking for a Kitchen Remodeler: Consider These 6 Tips

Keep These Things In Mind For Your Kitchen Remodeler

You have finally decided that the old kitchen cabinets deserve an upgrade, and you figure why to stop there. You might as well do a whole kitchen remodel and add to the equity in your home. However, before you hire just any kitchen remodeler, make sure to check their work and experience.

While unfortunate, the construction industry can sometimes be tricky. A homeowner needs to do everything in their power to ensure they hire a legitimate professional for their kitchen project. There are at least six things every homeowner should consider before hiring a kitchen remodeler.

1. Kitchen Remodeler Design Experience

kitchen remodeler modern kitchen project white

Hiring a remodeler is more than demolition and rebuilding; but it is also about design. While an average contractor might have opinions on quality materials, not all contractors are familiar with design concepts. Therefore, when you start looking for a renovation professional, it is better to look for companies than individuals.

A kitchen remodeler is more likely to have designers and laborers under contract and employment. As a homeowner, finding a company that has a kitchen designer on staff is ideal. With the assistance of a professional, you know you can create the kitchen of your dreams.

2. Current License and Insurers Status

Many homeowners fall victim to experienced contractors who allowed their licenses or insurance to lapse. While there are many reasons this is a problem for homeowners, the primary concern when hiring an unlicensed or uninsured worker is the liability. If a contractor is injured while on your property or working on your project, you can be held responsible for their injuries, potentially opening you up to thousands of dollars in damages. Before you hire any professional, you should double-check their credentials, ensuring everything is in order before signing a contract.

3. Kitchen Remodeler Experience and History

While every professional must start somewhere, you likely do not want a contractor’s or construction company’s first job to be your kitchen. Instead, you should want to hire a company with a longstanding and positive history, typically five to 10 years or more. You should also check to see if the company has a physical location. It is not uncommon for new companies to purchase websites without having a brick-and-mortar location.

While a physical location is not a testament to the business’s work, it does provide a certain level of confidence in the potential outcome. Brick-and-mortar establishments require an investment and a commitment. A company that makes this commitment demonstrates a level of confidence in its work.

4. References and Reviewskitchen remodeler designs contemporary kitchen

Every construction company should have several referrals on file for interested homeowners to contact. The referrals should have finished projects for you to look at and ask questions about. Beyond referrals, a homeowner might want to search for a less hand-selected group of customers.

Internet reviews can be a treasure-trove for interested homeowners. The reviews you find online are often unfiltered, meaning they are not motivated by discounts or relationships. While not all negative or positive reviews can be believed, the balance between them is a decent indicator of its consumer’s face and the quality of its services.

5. In-House or Outsourced Work

When you work with construction companies, you often are stuck with either strictly in-house teams or those that outsource a majority of labor. When you are looking for a business to manage your kitchen remodel, it is best to locate a company that focuses primarily on in-house labor.

While there is nothing inherently wrong with outsourcing to other specialty services, it can muddy up the project’s progress and complicate the budget schedule. A company that is dedicated to all-things kitchen and home remodel is likely your best option for your kitchen project.

6. Kitchen Remodeler Costs and Timelines

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of prospective remodeling companies, it is time to compare costs and projected timelines. While lower pricing is tempting, if a competitor is charging significantly less than the competition, something is off, and the homeowner will likely receive less quality work or materials. When selecting a company, it is best to stick with the middle of the pack, those closest to average price points, and similar project timelines.

Are you ready for a kitchen remodel? Contact HG Luxury Homes, a quality kitchen remodeler with a sterling reputation.

5 Steps to Finding a Kitchen Remodeling Company

How Do You Choose a Kitchen Remodeling Company?

A kitchen remodeling company is a necessity when you want your project done right. These organizations often represent one-stop shops in terms of design, construction, and project management. However, not all remodeling companies are created equal, and it is up to the homeowner to take the necessary steps to ensure they hire a qualified contractor.

Too many homeowners fall victim to construction fraud because they trust a friendly contractor without verifying their background or professional history. To protect yourself, you will want to take five steps in the process of finding, selecting, and hiring a kitchen remodeler.

1. Ask for Recommendations and Search the Web for a Kitchen Remodeling Company

Before selecting a kitchen remodeling company to complete your project, you need to compile a list of likely candidates. Most people do not have a list of kitchen remodelers on hand. Instead, you can use two methods for finding companies: ask for recommendations and search the web.

Many people choose to ask their friends, neighbors, and colleagues for references. Focusing on personal connections is a good option because the recommendations come from people you know, love, and trust.

Performing a web search is likely the easiest way to compile a list fast. However, it’s essential to note that the list that appears under your initial search does not necessarily include all of the best companies in your area.

2. Check References and Reviews of the Kitchen Remodeling Companykitchen remodeling company reviewing references couple

When you have a list of at least ten prospective remodelers, it is time to start narrowing your selections. The best way to check your options is by reading available reviews and contacting the businesses for references.

Online reviews are not always the best source of accurate reviews, but they can provide insight into the average consumer experience. You can also average out the reviews to determine the overall favorability of a company.

If the company does provide references, you will want to contact everyone on the list. Call the people you can visit the sites or look at the pictures of people willing to give you a glimpse of their kitchens.

3. Get Quotes From at Least 3 Remodeling Companies

Before you hire any kitchen remodeling company, it would help if you verified its prices by comparing it to other companies. In general, you will want to get at least three quotes for your project. Do not go with the lowest estimate or the highest, as it’s better to use the median estimate instead.

It is even better if you can get estimates from more than three businesses. The more estimates you have, the better data you have to determine a fair quote.

4. Check the Credentials of the Kitchen Remodeling Company

To protect yourself against fraud, you should verify the credentials of any contractor or company you are thinking of hiring.

A professional construction service will have the appropriate licenses to operate within the state, and it will have a current insurance policy. Any reputable kitchen remodeler will happily provide a homeowner with the documentation proving their status. Additionally, a contractor or construction company will typically include their information on any contracts or official paperwork.

Ensuring the company is licensed and insured is about protecting yourself. If the company you hire does not have insurance, you can be held liable for any injuries or damages sustained during the project.

5. Read the Contract From the Kitchen Remodeling Company and Ask Questionskitchen remodeling company completes new remodel

When you select a kitchen remodeling company, it will provide you with a contract to review and sign. The contract should discuss, in detail, the specifics of the project, payment arrangements, and other obligations. You want to check the paperwork, making sure that everything you discussed is included.

During this phase of negotiations, you also want to ask questions. If there’s anything you are uncertain of, the time for clarification is before signing the contract.

Are you ready to start a kitchen remodeling project? If so, contact HG Luxury Homes to schedule a property assessment and project estimate. The professional designers and builders working for HG Luxury Homes are among some of the most experienced and respected in the field.

Get the Best Kitchen Design Layout for your DREAM Kitchen

Custom Kitchen Designs Layout for Your Dream Kitchen

Beautiful kitchen design layout, flowing throughout, bright natural lighting - HG Luxury Homes
Beautiful kitchen design layout, flowing throughout, bright natural lighting – HG Luxury Homes

At HG Luxury Homes, our design-build team and kitchen remodeling contractor provides clients with custom kitchen designs layouts to help them make their dream kitchen a reality. While kitchen remodeling can overwhelm homeowners from Spring to Magnolia, it’s important to take the time to plan out your space. When you work with our interior designers, we keep your tastes and preferences in mind to help you realize your vision. 

As a homeowner, you likely spend a lot of your time in the kitchen. This means you know that thoughtful, functional design is vital to create a custom kitchen design layout that works for you.

Are you planning a kitchen renovation or hoping to build a custom home? Check out these custom kitchen design layouts tips to help you map out your dream home. Carefully consider these design elements before you begin your kitchen remodeling project. 

Understand Functionality in Your Custom Kitchen Design Layout

Functionality is probably the most important aspect of a kitchen renovation. While cooking is the main function of a kitchen, it quickly becomes so much more. The kitchen is like the heart of your home, and your custom kitchen should reflect that. We gather with family and spend the majority of our time in the kitchen, making it one of the most important rooms in our home. 

Aside from cooking, a kitchen is a place to work, read the mail, chat with your family, help the kids with their homework, and enjoy a cocktail after a long day. It’s important to narrow down what you see yourself doing in your kitchen space. Here are a few questions to ask yourself: 

  • Do you like to entertain guests? 
  • How much seating do you need? 
  • Besides cooking, what else do you do in your kitchen? 
  • How do you plan to use it day to day? 

White Kitchen - Remodelers in Conroe, TX - HG Luxury Homes

Understand the kitchen design layout Work Triangle 

Something important to consider as you plan your custom kitchen design layout is the flow of your prep space. Some refer to this area as the “work triangle.” This space is the distance between three most-used parts of your kitchen, typically your stove, refrigerator, and sink. When you have an efficient workflow, it allows you to move with ease between these three points. 

Without a solid workflow, you run all over the kitchen trying to access the most important aspects. 

An important aspect to keep in mind is the distance between each point in your triangle. While there’s no set rule, it’s good to have the edge of the triangle somewhere between 40-60”. Our kitchen remodeling team will help you plan your custom kitchen design and determine the best clearance between these points. 

Plan for Adequate Storage in Your Kitchen Renovation 

One of the most common complaints we hear from clients who want to remodel their kitchen is the lack of storage in their current space. However, even the smallest kitchen has options to maximize their storage with the right solutions. 

Do you utilize small kitchen appliances quite often? Consider where the easiest place to access them would be. With our custom cabinetry service, we offer our clients a variety of options for creative storage solutions. 

  • Pots and pans drawers 
  • Pantries with pull-out shelves
  • Walk-in pantries
  • Overhead cabinets
  • And more

The right cabinet design can vastly improve the functionality of your kitchen. Think of the items you use the most and where might be the most convenient locations. For example, if you love to cook with herbs and spices, a pullout spice drawer next to your stove might be the most effective option. 

Your custom kitchen design layout can also take advantage of spaces that are less accessible to household items you don’t use daily. Hidden doors under a kitchen island seating area can be an excellent place to store serving pieces you use for special occasions.

Kitchen Design Layout Renovation with HG Luxury Homes 

When it comes to custom kitchen designs, the variety can be overwhelming. We understand how hard it can be to take on such a large project. That’s why we incorporate your tastes into our kitchen remodeling plans when you hire HG Luxury Homes. Our design-build team can take the weight of supervision off your shoulders and work to help shape the design of your new kitchen. 

Do you need some light renovation with custom cabinets or a complete overhaul of your kitchen space? Our designers work to maximize your budget and provide credible guidance on design trends. Best of all, we work with 3D imaging software that can help you visualize your ideas. Contact HG Luxury Homes and see how we can help you.

5 Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Kitchen Remodel Ideas to Impress Your Guests 

When food, family, and friends gather, a kitchen becomes a place for fellowship and rejuvenation. Here at HG Luxury Homes, we have put together 5 kitchen remodel ideas for you.

Oftentimes, as we reflect, we find that some of our favorite memories are born in the kitchen. With the importance we place on this room, is it time for you to consider a kitchen remodeling contractor

What kind of kitchen design matches your preferences? Do you prefer a trendy, chic environment, or a more timeless appeal? These and a plethora of other questions arise when we begin to think about kitchen remodeling.

The possibilities are endless, and the process is quite enjoyable when you take the proper approach. Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen for a sale or to freshen up your home, here are a few Houston kitchen remodel ideas that will impress your guests. 

Bold Lighting Decisions That Will Impact Your Space

Lighting can be easy to ignore throughout the kitchen remodeling process. However, it truly deserves a bigger spotlight and much more recognition for its impact on your space. Thoughtful lighting can be a showstopper in your home if you allow it to be. To add a sense of drama and charm to your kitchen consider hanging pendant lighting. 

These lights make a bold statement that can steal the spotlight from your decor. When you elect to opt for LED lighting that perks up your kitchen island and cabinets, it can also be an energy-efficient option. 

Energy-efficient lighting lasts longer and contributes to smaller bills as well. When you bring in an experienced design team such as ours, you can work with experts to find a balance so that these bold lights don’t become an overwhelming aspect of your kitchen remodel. 

Kitchen Remodel Ideas - HG Luxury Homes
Kitchen Remodel Ideas – HG Luxury Homes


Remove Walls for an Open Concept 

Tearing down walls has become a common process in remodeling for many homeowners. When it comes to kitchen remodeling, though, you can accomplish quite a bit with open spaces. 

Open concept layouts often allow for more communal time in the kitchen. This is due to the fact that they foster a warmer, more inviting environment. Open kitchens often translate to a more casual appeal that encourages interaction. They blend into your adjacent living spaces, allowing for more conversation and entertainment while cooking or cleaning. 

Strip Down with Minimalist Kitchen Remodel Ideas

The trend of minimalism has found its way into kitchen remodeling as more people embrace the lifestyle. The kitchen can often become a crowded place, but a minimalist kitchen design can give your home a sleek appeal. A reduction in the number of upper cabinets will allow for an open, airy feel. 

End-to-end cabinets can clutter your space, so you might opt for open shelves to display artwork, travel memories, or other media. Kitchen remodeling experts often suggest no-frills designs that are more enduring. For example, they might choose horizontal cabinet pulls that maintain a clean, minimalist look. 

Modern Kitchen Remodel Ideas - HG Luxury Homes
Modern Kitchen Remodel Ideas – HG Luxury Homes

Brighten Up Your Space with Color 

No longer are kitchens expected to bear bleak creams and grays. People often love a pop of color in the kitchen remodel that energizes the space. It may seem to be a simple touch. However, this small note of color can add a new look and appeal to an older kitchen. 

Choosing an appetizing color can motivate you to cook and relish those meals with your loved ones and guests. When you don’t wish to paint an entire wall with a bold color, consider opting for colorful upholstery, pots, and pans, or even lights.

Add an Exciting Accent For Your Remodeling

During a kitchen remodel, the backsplash of the kitchen can often go unnoticed. When you want to upgrade your home and consider it an investment for the future, adding a new backsplash can be an excellent accent. 

The backsplash can have a small impact on your budget while offering a high impact on the aesthetic. From metal tiles to shimmering glass, a wide array of options are available. Be sure to match it with the rest of your kitchen decor to harmonize the look and feel. 

Lighting on Cabinets for Kitchen Remodel Ideas - HG Luxury Homes
Lighting on Cabinets for Kitchen Remodel Ideas – HG Luxury Homes


Houston Kitchen Remodeling Services with HG Luxury Homes 

At HG Luxury Homes, we work with you to design the beautiful kitchen of your dreams. Throughout our Houston area kitchen remodeling process, we keep your tastes and preferences in mind to ensure we never stray from building a space you love. Our expert design and remodeling team strives to deliver exceptional value, high-quality functionality, and appeal. So, if you are looking for kitchen remodeling houston tx,  contact us today to see how we can bring your dreams to fruition. 



Remodeling Your Kitchen? Choose the Perfect Kitchen Cabinet Design


Choose the Perfect kitchen cabinet design

Kitchen cabinets are perhaps one of the most useful upgrades for remodeling your kitchen. All of your appliances and kitchen goods will finally have the home they deserve. Moreover, kitchen cabinets can be strategically placed during a remodel so that you never struggle to find anything. But, besides finding a professional Kitchen Remodeling Contractor, what’s the best way to plan for remodeling in your kitchen? 

Choosing the Best Kitchen Cabinet Design While Remodeling Your Kitchen

When you begin to remodel your kitchen and want to focus on your cabinets, you need to choose the kitchen cabinet design type that best suits your needs. Do you need to focus on efficiency? Trying to make your space feel more open? Selecting the right type and kitchen cabinet design can be draining. Here are a few types to consider while planning your remodel: 

  • Base: These sit under the counter and typically come with a toe kick – a recess on the bottom of the cabinet. This allows you to stand directly at the counter without stubbing your toe on the cabinet door. It improves balance and reduces fatigue by ensuring you never lean over your counter. 
  • Tall: These are standalone units often ideal for pantry or equipment storage. Their floor-to-ceiling height makes them an excellent storage solution for remodeling. 
  • Wall-Mounted: A front-opening wall-mounted kitchen cabinet design can prove quite ergonomic and be an incredibly efficient use of space. 
  • Specialty Cabinets: Not seeing what you need when you look around for inspiration? Customized kitchen cabinet design will help you maximize efficiency during your remodeling project – bottle racks and corner cabinets are just two examples of utilizing space creatively. 

Going for a Quality Kitchen Cabinet Design While Remodeling

Once you know what types of kitchen cabinet design you need in your kitchen remodeling, finding the right quality grade comes next. There are four standard categories here, all based on the quality of construction: 

Custom Kitchen Cabinet - HG Luxury Homes
Custom Kitchen Cabinet – HG Luxury Homes
  • Ready-to-assemble: These are often available in home stores and require assembly. 
  • Stock: Contractors are able to construct size-specific units for your kitchen from modular units. These are attractive and affordable without losing quality. 
  • Semi-Custom: These cabinets will offer a broad array of styles and features. They can be altered for depth or decoration to enhance your remodeling design. 
  • Custom: Custom units are diverse in style and functionality because they’ll be designed to meet your needs and specifications. You can also opt for hand-built cabinets from artisans for a special touch in your kitchen. 

When you know what you need for remodeling your kitchen and in what fashion, it’s time to choose the style, finishes, and features of your dream kitchen. 

Ready to choose your new Kitchen Cabinet Design? Call HG Luxury Homes 

At HG Luxury Homes, our home remodeling team works with you to learn your preferences and suggest relevant ideas that will make your dream kitchen cabinet design come to life during remodeling. Our Spring Branch and Houston area home decorators will work with you throughout the remodeling process to ensure you receive only high-quality customer service and the results you want. When you want to upgrade your kitchen, you may have a vision or you may feel overwhelmed.

Trust our Houston area kitchen designers to guide you through the process and help you pick out the perfect kitchen cabinets. With your help, we can make your dreams a reality. Contact us today for a consultation!

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