Kitchen Remodeling in Conroe


Kitchen Remodeling in Conroe

With a variety of layouts, design elements, and finishes to choose from in your kitchen, we at HG Luxury Homes understand there is a lot to consider when taking on such a large project. Incorporating your personal tastes, our Kitchen Remodeling Designers work diligently to help shape the design of your new kitchen. That’s including modern amenities, incorporating your specific style, and ensuring no small detail is overlooked. We’ve created this page to incorporate all aspects of a kitchen remodel and make your search for relevant information easier.

HG Luxury Homes & Remodeling is our Go-To company for all repairs and remodeling on our home. They are responsive, everyone shows up on time and are professional, courteous and helpful! HG is the only company I trust to get the job done right!!! Highly recommend!

– Anastassia Hummel

They met all of my expectations. Thank you so much for all the wonderful hospitality. Above and beyond with attention to detail as well. Everyone is genuine! Totally recommend to anyone looking to remodel or even better build their dream home!

– J Dean

Luxury Kitchen remodeling in Conroe

Harmonizing the balance between the old and the new is the first consideration when approaching kitchen remodeling in Conroe’s historic homes. Each home and owner demands different considerations. Discovering and showcasing the personality of your historic home kitchen is a matter of identifying the right designer and remodeling company for the job.

For years, HG Luxury Homes has specialized in Victorian, Mid-Century, and Craftsman-era home remodeling. Also, very well-versed in reviving the unique character of historic home kitchens. Perhaps the most signature feature of historic homes is hardwood flooring, making them well worth preserving. By setting your hardwood floors against white countertops, tile, and trim, you’ll make your historic floors the central feature of your kitchen. Giving you the look of a modern kitchen without detracting from the historic charm.

Kitchen remodeling in a historic Conroe home isn’t just about reviving old charm. It’s also about infusing the space with a new and complementary swagger that reflects its owners’ temperament. Some homeowners prefer an elegant kitchen, while others prefer a pop of personality that can be accomplished through colorful islands and cabinets, unique backsplashes, and quirky finishes.

Transitional Kitchen Renovation in Conroe, TX

Preserving a kitchen’s original atmosphere is another way to create a beautiful kitchen without losing historic charm. In keeping with the grandiose gravity of historic homes, create a kitchen that features solid cabinetry a shade darker in tone than its adjacent flooring. For a touch of modern edge, introduce stainless steel appliances, gray granite countertops, and echoing metal drawer pulls. Sometimes, no matter how much you want to keep historic details, they don’t provide the functionality you desire and you’ll need to create new installations. Balancing your modern design incorporation within an older home can be tricky, but incorporating texture can help the eye travel through the kitchen. If you decide to start new in your kitchen, think about adding new “old” design elements such as a half layout, gridded window, or double-wide stove to provide subtle reminders of classic designs.

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    Luxury Kitchen Remodeling Conroe
    Kitchen Remodeling Conroe
    Custom Kitchen Remodelers
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    Kitchen Remodelers in Conroe Texas
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    Working with a Home Remodeling Team

    Our home remodeling designers are trained in industry ingenuities to maximize your budget, providing credible advice on design trends that are worth following as well as on fads to avoid- so your space will retain its value over time. Best of all, our designers have the software and training to provide you with detailed 3D imaging before construction begins. Visualizing your kitchen remodeling ideas will help you save time, money, and materials since you won’t have to pay for your mistakes.

    How to Start the Kitchen Remodeling Process

    Prepare for Your First Meeting – sitting down and writing a summary describing why you’re remodeling. What is it that you’re unhappy with? What are your top priorities for improvement? Are there any features you have that do work well that you’d like to keep?

    Visit Houzz and Pinterest and create collections of kitchen remodels you like. Review your favorite photos and try to identify common themes. Be ready to talk through your pictures and kitchen remodeling ideas with your designer, but remain open to the possibility that your designer may propose changes to match your budget, maximize functionality, or incorporate new ideas.

    Establishing Expectations Early (Budget and Timeline) – Establish a workable budget. Decide how much you’re able to spend overall.

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    Kitchen Remodelers Conroe Tx, Houston, Spring, and Montgomery County

    At HG Luxury Homes, our team is proud to provide kitchen remodeling services to homeowners throughout Harris County and Montgomery County, including Conroe, Montgomery, Magnolia, The Woodlands, Pearland, Spring, Spring Branch, Friendswood and other cities in the Greater Houston Area. Whether you need to add on a room or are interested in home remodeling, call on us today.

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    Frequently asked questions about kitchen remodeling

    It all begins with a tear down and demolition. These are the first steps in any kitchen remodel project. After that comes the rough-in work, which includes framing and plumbing. After this and the required professional inspection, comes the part where the walls are finished followed by the installation of doors and windows. When all this is done it’s time to install the cabinets and the new appliances. The last part is the new flooring installation.

    It all depends on what the remodeling process is aiming for but usually the most expensive part of all the remodeling is the cabinets, this is due to the materials and customization works on them. The cabinets are followed in this matter by the new appliances, which also depends on the client requirements. The countertops are considered the third most expensive part of the kitchen remodeling process.

    It’s important to make sure that the plumbing and electrical configuration are working properly in order to complete the entire project without risking additional demolition in order to repair things that should have been working from the beginning of the remodeling.

    This usually takes between 3 and 5 months but at the end of the day the time a project of kitchen remodeling takes will depend on the ambition of the project itself. To determine the exact duraton a project will take, several factors should be considered such as the size of the entire kitchen, how much demolition is required and if some of the materials used in the floor, counters, etc. are custom-made.  

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    Short answer: Yes, they are. Remodeling your kitchen can immediately and drastically increase your entire property value by more than 50%. Even with an average kitchen, remodeling can guarantee an increase in ROI.


    Because of its weight, refrigerators tend to stress and sometimes break the tongue-and-groove fasteners, in this case you should use a snap-together floor that’s designed for kitchens. Not only refrigerators can do this, any other appliance with considerable weight will do the same, this is because not all the materials used for floating floors are suitable for kitchens installations, like the engineered hardwood or even cork.

    Yes, of course. You can only replace your entire floor and keep the rest of your kitchen design and appliances without any problem.

    You can start by getting an idea of what you are looking for, searching for design inspiration in magazines or online will definitely help not only start the process in a timely manner but also gives you the confidence to make the change. After narrowing your options, it’s time to engage a professional that will give you a realistic spec and will discuss your ideas and the ongoing process. Of course, before the crew arrives the working area should be free of personal belongings and clear to start the work as soon as the crew arrives.

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