Looking for a Kitchen Remodeler: Consider These 6 Tips

Keep These Things In Mind For Your Kitchen Remodeler

You have finally decided that the old kitchen cabinets deserve an upgrade, and you figure why to stop there. You might as well do a whole kitchen remodel and add to the equity in your home. However, before you hire just any kitchen remodeler, make sure to check their work and experience.

While unfortunate, the construction industry can sometimes be tricky. A homeowner needs to do everything in their power to ensure they hire a legitimate professional for their kitchen project. There are at least six things every homeowner should consider before hiring a kitchen remodeler.

1. Kitchen Remodeler Design Experience

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Hiring a remodeler is more than demolition and rebuilding; but it is also about design. While an average contractor might have opinions on quality materials, not all contractors are familiar with design concepts. Therefore, when you start looking for a renovation professional, it is better to look for companies than individuals.

A kitchen remodeler is more likely to have designers and laborers under contract and employment. As a homeowner, finding a company that has a kitchen designer on staff is ideal. With the assistance of a professional, you know you can create the kitchen of your dreams.

2. Current License and Insurers Status

Many homeowners fall victim to experienced contractors who allowed their licenses or insurance to lapse. While there are many reasons this is a problem for homeowners, the primary concern when hiring an unlicensed or uninsured worker is the liability. If a contractor is injured while on your property or working on your project, you can be held responsible for their injuries, potentially opening you up to thousands of dollars in damages. Before you hire any professional, you should double-check their credentials, ensuring everything is in order before signing a contract.

3. Kitchen Remodeler Experience and History

While every professional must start somewhere, you likely do not want a contractor’s or construction company’s first job to be your kitchen. Instead, you should want to hire a company with a longstanding and positive history, typically five to 10 years or more. You should also check to see if the company has a physical location. It is not uncommon for new companies to purchase websites without having a brick-and-mortar location.

While a physical location is not a testament to the business’s work, it does provide a certain level of confidence in the potential outcome. Brick-and-mortar establishments require an investment and a commitment. A company that makes this commitment demonstrates a level of confidence in its work.

4. References and Reviewskitchen remodeler designs contemporary kitchen

Every construction company should have several referrals on file for interested homeowners to contact. The referrals should have finished projects for you to look at and ask questions about. Beyond referrals, a homeowner might want to search for a less hand-selected group of customers.

Internet reviews can be a treasure-trove for interested homeowners. The reviews you find online are often unfiltered, meaning they are not motivated by discounts or relationships. While not all negative or positive reviews can be believed, the balance between them is a decent indicator of its consumer’s face and the quality of its services.

5. In-House or Outsourced Work

When you work with construction companies, you often are stuck with either strictly in-house teams or those that outsource a majority of labor. When you are looking for a business to manage your kitchen remodel, it is best to locate a company that focuses primarily on in-house labor.

While there is nothing inherently wrong with outsourcing to other specialty services, it can muddy up the project’s progress and complicate the budget schedule. A company that is dedicated to all-things kitchen and home remodel is likely your best option for your kitchen project.

6. Kitchen Remodeler Costs and Timelines

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of prospective remodeling companies, it is time to compare costs and projected timelines. While lower pricing is tempting, if a competitor is charging significantly less than the competition, something is off, and the homeowner will likely receive less quality work or materials. When selecting a company, it is best to stick with the middle of the pack, those closest to average price points, and similar project timelines.

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