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His Grace Luxury Homes is a Texas-based, family-owned, and operated company. We strive for excellence and pride ourselves in bringing our customer’s vision to life. Our commitment to serving others reflects our Christian values, which is why we continue to have multiple projects within one household.

Furthermore, we are recognized by GHBA as the only Certified Safety Builder in the Greater Houston Area. This ensures that not only will your home be revitalized, but it will be strong and secure.

Great Attention To Detail

We innovate and have one of the best teams in texas

When it comes to luxury home remodeling or building your custom home, HG Luxury Homes will provide you with a complete team that will walk you through each process every step of the way. Our experts give attention to details that will provide you with not just the home of your dreams, but a home that is designed with unmatched structural integrity and cutting-edge safety and security features. We offer services, unlike any other home remodeling company.

We have been proudly serving Texans for over 75 years.

What We Can Do For You

Not just the normal builder or contractor but a full service from start to finish company dedicated to helping you with all projects. Custom Homebuilding on our luxury plans and detailed work ethic will amaze you at just what we can accomplish for you. You will marvel at the clean, highly, functional, but luxurious builds. Our team works with you to add your vision and make your home a reality with ease.

Luxury Home Remodeling work comes with our efficient team and builders working towards not just repairs but improvements on everything from the materials to the finished product.

Maybe for your, Luxury Home Remodeling project, you wish for a new sauna built out in a new custom gym. Maybe for you, joy comes in, a new indoor spa or pool; No matter the want we can help you achieve your dreams and make your home a Luxury Home Remodeling project worthy of admiration

We work with outdoor spaces and create amazing places for you to enjoy with your family and friends. A new porch with firepit… No Problem. Enjoy cookouts in style and build out an outdoor kitchen and seating next to a fireplace for those cold nights. Whether you are an indoor or an outdoor person no what the remodel job we have you covered and are ready to help you achieve your dream buildout.

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HG Luxury Home Remodeling

Stephen Schnitzer

Company Owner

Stephen is a third-generation home builder whose emergency services background has led him to be a structural and safety expert. Understanding the details and safety aspects of the structure allows Stephen to be creative in designing and redesigning your home or custom project. One of Stephen’s greatest strengths is leading the design firm team with the structural modifications ensuring the customers’ design is ready for conception.

Nita Schnitzer

Company Owner and Designer

With over 40 years of experience in construction renovations, Nita is a master designer. She oversees all aspects of design during the building process and works closely with customers to design aesthetically pleasing rooms in order to achieve their functionality. Her expertise in cabinetry, current knowledge of trends, and techniques are unmatched in the industry. Nita’s expertise and designs have been sought out by some of the largest design firms in Texas with several projects featured in large publications.