Magnolia TX Home Remodeling

Magnolia HOME REMODELING That Homeowners Can Trust 

Magnolia, TX where HG Luxury Homes does custom home renovations and remodeling.

At HG Luxury Homes, we are proud to serve customers in Montgomery County, including Magnolia, TX. Our design-build team has an established reputation for quality renovations with outstanding customer service. As a family-run business for 75 years, we take pride in every city and county in Houston and surrounding areas. Throughout the duration of your home remodeling project, we strive to ensure that all your needs are met. We will walk with you from design to reality, along the way making sure that everything is done in the best craftsmanship.

Home remodeling services in Montgomery County include: 

Start Your Next Home Renovation Project with the best of the best

Whether you need to improve the functionality of an older building or need space for your growing family, our team of experienced designers and contractors will work to bring your vision to life. We can cover almost everything when it comes to home renovation, and do our best to make your home dreams come true. If it’s an outdoor kitchen, new custom cabinets, or even a barndominium, we have you covered. Call 281.826.9911 today, or submit our online form to schedule your on-site consultation today.

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