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Looking for a bathroom remodel Houston? Our highly trained designers are experts at taking your vision and making it a reality. We’ll work closely with you to make sure we understand all your desires, and then craft a design that brings your bathroom to life.

Professional Remodeling Company in Spring, TX

HG Luxury Homes is a full service home remodeling company. We offer an array of services to homeowners throughout the Greater Houston area who wish to renovate their homes.
Our core services include:

● Whole-Home Remodeling
● Kitchen Remodeling
● Bathroom Remodeling
● Landscape Design

● Room Additions
● Outdoor Spaces
● Custom Saunas
● Custom Cabinetry

As one of the premier firms offering home remodeling in Houston, TX, we strive to provide high-quality craftsmanship coupled with excellent customer service. Our team of skilled, experienced designers works with you every step of the way to ensure that your home meets your utmost desires. As active participants in our community, guided by our strong Christian beliefs, we are a company you can trust. Everyone on our team is fully committed to our clients and driven to deliver quality work in a timely manner.

We provide homeowners in the Greater Houston area with an exceptional home remodeling experience. We never settle for good or fine when we take on a project. To view our prestigious designs, you can visit our Design Portfolio. Here you will see examples of the exceptional work we’ve been able to complete for our clients.

Our highly trained designers are able to turn ideas into a reality. We work closely with our clients to ensure that we don’t miss a single item on their checklist. Furthermore, once we understand the vision, we craft a design to meet all their essential wishes and necessities.

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As a Luxury Kitchen Remodeling Contractor, we can help you transform your outdated kitchen into a gorgeous retreat.

HG Luxury Homes is experienced in creating dream kitchens for our clients. Our design team will work one on one with you, bringing the best ideas for your budget. This includes modern amenities while incorporating your specific style. We understand that the kitchen is the heart of the home, so we include the whole family’s needs in the process.

Our home remodeling contractors and designers are trained in industry ingenuities to maximize your budget, providing credible advice on design trends that are worth following, as well as, on fads to avoid. This ensures your space will retain its value over time. We offer all types of cabinet inserts to help provide organization and functionality. Best of all, our designers have the software and training to provide you with detailed 3D imaging before construction begins. Visualizing your kitchen remodeling ideas will help you save time and money.

Prepare for your first meeting –Your budget is the top priority to share with your contractor before the process can begin. This will help you and your contractor to know how to move forward to make your ideas into a reality. Then, write anything specific that you want your kitchen remodeling contractors to do. When deciding on how to proceed think of these simple questions: what are you currently unhappy with, what are your top priorities for improvement, and are there any features you have that do work well that you’d like to keep?

HG Luxury Homes Is Changing Outdoor Living Spaces Created With Visionary Ideas And Excellence. The exterior of your home both the front and back is a great start to an outdoor space remodeling project. It should be just as inviting as the interior. Our experienced design team can plan and implement stunning updates while increasing your home’s value.

At HG Luxury Homes, we want you to enjoy every piece of your home, and your backyard is no different. With our outdoor space remodeling services, we help homeowners build incredible outdoor spaces for their “home life” to have that desired peace of mind. With HG Luxury Homes you are sure to cultivate an amazing customer ease-in build and gone experience.

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The exterior of your home both the front and back is a great start to an outdoor space remodeling project. It should be just as inviting as the interior. Our experienced design team can plan and implement stunning updates while increasing your home’s value.

Transform your backyard into an oasis by adding a pool, outdoor kitchen, or living room. This creation allows you to relax and cook as you enjoy the great outdoors with your family and friends. Make the space your own with a fire pit or bar to liven up your outdoor events. Since we are in the Texas Gulf Coast, fans and water misters are wonderful additions that help circulate the air and cool you down whenever the peak of summer hits.

HG Luxury Homes is proud to offer its home remodeling services to homeowners in the greater Houston area. We just don’t handle everything you need…we cater to what you want! Sometimes, what you want is a custom timeless look that makes your neighbors jealous and wishing they had your guts and glory in the beautiful remodels done by HG Luxury Homes.

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Custom Cabinetry & Carpentry in Montgomery & Surrounding Counties may be hard to find. Unless you find HG Luxury Homes. When looking for a custom cabinetry company in and around The Woodlands Area, you will find that HG Luxury Homes is one of the top-rated cabinet dealers. Whether you are wanting custom kitchen cabinets built onsite, or all wood pre-built cabinets, we offer beautiful design and workmanship.

We are partnered with Kemper Cabinets, KCD (Kitchen Cabinet Distributors), Hardware Resources, Northpoint Cabinetry and US Cabinet Depot to deliver the best cabinets at the best prices.

We also offer custom cabinets that are built onsite by custom carpenters. Our carpenters also build mantels, built-in seating, storage nooks, bookcases, hidden doors, wine cellars, cabinets, and more. We make sure to incorporate your style and leave no detail undone. With a variety of custom carpentry projects under our tool belt, if you can think it, there’s a good chance we can build it!
Our design team will work with you on a layout that best suits your home and will do a 3D design of your cabinetry for you to be able to see your dream kitchen before we begin the process. Give us a call at (281) 826.9911 or fill out our form and we will give you that personalized approach that you are looking for.

You have to think not just about what it could be but how to maximize the space you have and make sure your custom builds fit the bill in efficiency, stability, reliability and class. Making the write plans and working with our teams you are sure to get the very best in the right “Call” scenarios. No need to worry!

When building or remodeling your commercial space, getting the most of your square footage is a primary objective. Functionality, usable space, ability to be organized, sturdy, and yet comfortable are just a few features that are a must when designing your office or warehouse. We take the time to understand your business and needs to help in the overall plan of your space.

Call HG Luxury Homes and we will walk you through the process from beginning to end. Looking at every project’s needs and requirements, allow us to exceed the expectations of our clients.

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